4.1.X: all nodes are 100% load / + strange memcached log

issue for docs: https://issues.couchbase.com/browse/DOC-1394

Well, it’s more then clear now about “policy of bug handling” .

@egrep - We are hiring. You can always join in and help from the inside :slight_smile:

maybe one day.
but not now :wink:

after re-reading this thread with “cold head” i would like to apologize for being too emotional.
“Personal” for such discussions is not acceptable.

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It’s strange to see comments from Will Gardner (can’t find his forum nick) to my github pull request for backport (https://github.com/couchbase/ep-engine/pull/4 ; i just forgot to remove it after discussion with @drigby) after 14 days since last comment, but seems like this topic just does not want to die :slight_smile:
So, let me explain a couple of things.
After discovering that there are 86 known bugs for 4.1.0 that are resolved for 4.5 (while 4.5 is not stable) but not resolved for 4.1.1 with it’s release … my first thought was to make a “social DDoS” in a simple way:

  1. Create a Google spreadsheet and fill it with links and short descriptions for bugs
  2. Using Linkedin, this forum and Google, find 20-30 persons who are the representatives of paid customers
  3. Explain the situation to each person and ask them to choose 2-3 bugs and make an official request to Couchbase support “resolve this ASAP” .

Almost all people are reasonable and the paid customers are ones of them.

So, this is a good question: what if a Platinum client ( http://www.couchbase.com/support-policy ) instantly asked to fix 16663 ? Seems like only 1 business day would be needed to make all the QE-related things.

Eh ? No ? Well-well, now we gonna see … :imp:

… and I thought and refused to do that.

Even if there is no justice in the world and “money rules” (as veeery simple example, new versions must be released according to planned dates to get bonuses), it is not “zombie apocalypse” now and i just don’t want to be Negan-like making “online semi-feudal structure” and forcing CB-dev to do what i need.

But anyway i still think that this is unacceptable to know about 86 bugs in 4.1.0 and no to fix them in 4.1.1 while having a fix for unreleased 4.5 for 6 months (“money rules too much” ?)

I asked to add all information about all known bugs to release-docs (still see no results: http://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/server/4.1/release-notes/relnotes-41-ga.html).
After that i tried to make a backport pull request via github, but @drigby explained me a couple of things about bug handling procedures and his hard, but measured position made me to stop trying to fix 16663.

Yes, i can patch sources manually.
But this does not change the facts:

  1. 86 bugs were found between 4.1.0 and 4.1.1 that affect 4.1 (“sherlock”) and 4.5 (“watson”) branches
  2. 86 bugs were fixed (which means, that they are important enough) for 4.5 which is unreleased even now (15 june 2016)
  3. 0 was backported to 4.1.1 release (released at april 2016)

And IMHO, this is unacceptable.
But, “There is no justice in the world”.

Great, now we have a detailed bugs explanation:

For the full list of issues, check the following JIRA query. http://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/server/4.5/release-notes/relnotes.html

Search results are different for JIRA logged/non-logged in users, but at least this is better then before for newcomers; they now have a direct link to a tool to “search and analyze” bugs

@cihangirb, thanks for information.

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