Administrator password displayed when users query meta data



I started cbq-engine with Administrator userid and password because all buckets are password protected.

The issue I see with N1QL now is the administrator password is displayed when users query the meta data as shown below.
I think N1QL should mask out the password in the output.

I used this query:
http://dev1:8093/query?statement=SELECT * FROM system:datastores

“requestID”: “31eeb5e6-444c-4b4c-b071-e2e7f08d88f7”,
“signature”: {
“results”: [
“datastores”: {
“id”: “http://Administrator:AdminPASSWORD@cbserver1:8091/beersample2”,
“status”: “success”,


moved this to the N1QL category so that @geraldss and the Query team can see it


Thanks for catching this. Filed a bug: