After upgrade from 2.1.1 CE to 3.0.2 EE, the Views cannot get all existing documents


Hi Sir,

We have upgraded from Couchbase 2.1.1 CE to 3.0.2 EE directly in Windows 2008 R2 64bit by installing 3.0.2 EE windows amd 64.exe, all things are fine but Views seem not work as normal. We found a critical View cannot return all stored document until we “rebuild” the index in following steps:

  1. made a bit different definition to the original view and save it, let’s call it a New View.
  2. publish the New View
  3. recovery the view to its original definition
  4. publish the original view again

After go through the steps above, all documents are returned.

Since we have a lot of Views, manually rebuild each of them does not make sense. Please advise how to fix this, any idea would be much appreciated.


If you need immediate help (since it sounds like you do), you may want to contact Couchbase Support if you have an Enterprise subscription.

If not, I’d recommend filing an issue and provide a cbcollect_info. It doesn’t sound like behavior we’d expect, but I don’t know what’s involved in the upgrade process on Windows.


Thanks ingenthr.

We will file an issue ASAP.