Analytical database - document design


We need to have reporting / analytical database for our application. Our application will have reporting and analytical capability against these database. What i understand from CB analytics is that it will have a separate node for reporting replicating the same operational tables. My operational tables are not highly denormalized. And it is not suited to build reporting large data with filters, aggregations and grouping no way it could be used for slicing the data by dimensions against facts as we do in DW.

Can any one help with the approach or directions usually need to be taken in the context of nosql and CB analytics.

What does CB customers usually does ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To improve cost normalization taking CRM application with centralized data management.
Eg-contacts table(physical layer) what if validator for any changes in the system.
Business rules keep changing and it costs more if you map one on one.

One on many mapping

@deepth1, Can you please elaborate ?

There’s a schematic in data modeling for web-based information system and I did read top down,bottom up approach and sandwich in guru99 for application server.
I did join these three approaches for better understanding.
If needed please go through database layers of abstraction(diagram) along with real time examples.
Logic gates and architecture in Computer architecture organization for logic layer,DLC,UML and application layer.

If you see a power plant project for producing electricity from water certain gates are opened at certain times and all other gates are closed depending on different conditions or business rules.

OK. This is too theoretical. I get it.

Can you be more concrete? I am not concerned about the physical layer.

Can you please relate to the industry practice in today’s world ?. This is not helping answering the question.
To me Document, collection etc are logical.

How would i design schema for an analytical database. I am not talking about big data.
I am talking about the analytical db schema for my operational tables.? I understand that in a relational world you may go with highly denormalized tables or you go with dimensions and facts which is more structured.

What are the approaches CB customer generally follow? any design patterns etc.


We have customer centric design
1.customer service
2.customer relational database
3.web address
4.polls and ballots anonymous web address for IT compliance us
7.access to authorized person or persons
8.access point
9.voip or mobile usage