Android heavy pull replication slows app to a halt


During heavy pull replications (many thousands of documents, each with a small binary attachment), our Android app suffers from very slow UI response, and on some devices no response until the replication has completed, which depending on the device and internet connection could be up to 20 mins.

Are there any best practices regarding large pull replications like this? There was a similar problem on iOS but I solved it by reducing the number of notifications sent to the UI (for a progresss indicator). Now iOS behaves fine during these replications. However, this fix does not seem to be applicable on the Android version.

Using CBLite 1.4 / SG 1.4

I wonder if upgrading to 2.0 may help solve the issue? We are very close to release candidate and I’d rather not upgrade just now, but would be good to know if this is something that might be solved just by upgrading.


This can be a problem of too many live queries and using data change listener heavily.

Can you please provide how many live queries you have and how many records each time live query runs produces.