Announcing Release of Couchbase Lite 2.0 Developer Build 20 (DB 20)

Happy to announce the release of Couchbase Lite 2.0 Developer Build 20 (DB 20) . The DB20 release is available for iOS(Swift, ObjC), .NET , Android platforms. You can download the latest DB from our Downloads page :

Note :
This release introduces some API breaking changes for the iOS and .Net platforms. The major enhancement is that Documents are immutable by default (making the Document APIs thread safe) and so now, you will have to explicitly request for the mutable copy in order to make changes. These changes will be coming to the Android platform in a future version.

Known Issues

There is a Replication issue in the .Net version of DB 20. This has since been fixed but the fix won’t be available until DB 21. If you prefer not to wait , you can download and build the .Net version from the source

Links to platform specific release notes -




About Developer Builds:

Developer Builds give you the opportunity to engage with Couchbase engineers and provide early feedback to influence key aspects of Couchbase Mobile 2.0. It will give us insight into how you use new features in your projects, where you run into issues, and how we can help resolve them.

About Couchbase Lite 2.0:

Couchbase Lite 2.0 is a groundbreaking new release for Couchbase Mobile. Key enhancements include a cross-platform common core, simplified Query API with full-text search capabilities, automated conflict resolution that can be customized and a new and improved replication protocol

Couchbase Mobile 2.0 Workshop/ Tutorial :

We have a full stack workshop available for Android and iOS. Support for .Net is coming soon.

Quick Links:

FYI, DB021 is still a few weeks away so I republished DB020 with the fix for the replication issue. Please delete the local install of the nuget package before trying to get the DB020 version again. The correct version number will be 2.0.0-b0434.

EDIT Note: This is not standard practice, but given the larger than usual delay until DB021 and the severity of the bug I made an exception.

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About your Note :

How to understand it in relation with Xamarin crossplatform project, where I have 3 projects sharing the same code. Do I need to make an exception for the Android part ? Or to wait for the db21 ?



The Android part is referring to Java, not .NET. .NET will continue to behave as usual.