Any plans for an official couchbase lite flutter library?

Just wondering if there are any plans for couchbase to release an official couchbase lite flutter library? We use flutter for our mobile projects and are trying to decide whether we should upgrade from couchbase lite 1.3 to 2.6 (which would mean a complete re-write of all couchbase native code), or wait for a flutter library.

It’s on our radar but no concrete plans to share at this time. I’d recommend that you take a look at this community project (not developed or maintained by Couchbase). Can you clarify how you supported it with 1.3 since we didn’t ever officially support Flutter.
I’d recommend moving to 2.x as the 1.x line is End-of-Line (EoL)

We just used our existing native code from our pre-flutter app. It means the iOS and the Android app have two separate native code bases and one shared flutter code base. Glad to know flutter is on the radar for the future. We will probably have to upgrade at some point, just it means rewriting the entire couchbase lite layer since everything completely changed between versions, which is significant development cost.

Yeah but to level set expectations there are no concrete plans so to ensure you are not on an unsupported platform for long , I’d recommend checking out the community flutter couch project and start planning the migration.
YMMV but we’ve had a large number of existing 1.x users migrate their apps to 2.x and in a vast majority of the cases, the effort turned out to be a lot smaller than expected. Barring some fairly minor exceptions, we’ve got feature parity between the two . And of course, the 2.x has a lot more functionality that you will start to appreciate once you transition.