Apache Ignite integration with spring data

Hi ,
I ma trying to integrate spring data with ápache ignite and when my repository extends IgniteRepository it throws exception …

Caused by: org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyReferenceException: No property save found for type MyEntity! Did you mean 'name'?
@RepositoryConfig(cacheName = "MyCache")
public interface MyRepository extends IgniteRepository<MyEntity, Long> {

and when I extends JpaRepository it wroks fine…

public interface MyRepository extends JpaRepository<MyEntity, Long> {

can any one suggest how to fix this issue ??

Baldeep Singh

Hi @baldeep.sehrawat,

You might want to ask these types of questions in the Java SDK forum: https://forums.couchbase.com/c/java-sdk

But I’m going to tag @deniswsrosa and @subhashni to see if they might be able to help you.