Asynchronous queries

How can I run couchbase queries asynchronous in PHP ?

No, currently you can’t. But we plan to implement it in next versions

SDKs for which languages support couchbase queries asynchronous ?

If you mean operations which do not block your thread and allow to receive completion notification through some callback mechanism, almost all of them: java, python, .net, c, ruby.

In PHP and 1 Thread , I must handle 10K requests per second , Now I use mysql async , I want to migrate to couchDb but I dont know how can I do async query
Each query sending must not take more than 10usec , and I have a timer to get query results , With mysql I have no problem in my business login and PHP script but I have problem with mysql itself

Our extension is for Couchbase, not for CouchbDB. All the IO still asynchronous under the hoods. Right now you could batch your queries so that you will only wait once for all of them to complete like here for example:

avsej , You told me “We plan to implement it in next versions” , can you tell me when you release it?
I am backend developer of a free messaging & calling app called “We…” , Backend written in PHP and our db is MySql.
We willing to migrate to CouchBase but we need to perform asynchronous queries , let me know when you support asynchronous queries for PHP driver

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If it’s okay, we’ll contact you directly about what you need and we can talk in more detail about the roadmap.

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Please contact me at socketman2016[at]

I am waiting for your contact