Atomic Counter XDCR support

In 2.7 .Net SDK docs says counters do not support XDCR but in 3.1 SDK docs doesn’t have a warning like that. But for clarity, I wanted to ask it. Maybe it would be helpful to write it as a note in docs.

Thank you.

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Hi @mehmet.firat.komurcu,

Thanks for pointing this out. Can you provide a link to the 2.7 page and a link to the corresponding 3.1 page so we can have a look?

Hi @matthew.groves ,
This is 3.1: Key Value Operations | Couchbase Docs
this is 2.7: Core Operations | Couchbase Docs
Thank you.

Okay, that looks like a reasonable note to add to the docs.

Have you already clicked the “Leave Additional Feedback?” button and left a note there? That will go directly to the docs team. If you haven’t, I’d be happy to do that for you.

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No, I haven’t left a note, that would be great, thank you.

Okay, I used the “Leave Additional Feedback” feature to create a new ticket. You can check it out and follow the progress here:

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Thank you @matthew.groves