AWS Load Balancing from AMI with Auto Scaling Group is failing


Hello. I am trying to setup CB behind a load balancer at AWS and enable auto scaling to ensure there are always 2 instances available. (not clustered)

I am using Windows 2012 r2 and CB 2.2. The process I have used is to create and configure an instance in pretty much vanilla default configuration (1 bucket, 3 views), then create an AMI and utilise that in an auto scaling group.

When I try to use the original instance everything works fine but when a new instance is created by the auto scaling group the couchbase server is not working. If I try to open the management console from the instance itself then the html is not displayed correctly and nothing works and obviously CB is not responding to remote calls etc… The service itself appears to have started and be running, and restarting it or the instance does not resolve the issue.

I have tried with and without the “create new machine name” option available in the ec2 configuration tools and again this also makes no difference.

If i manually create a new instance from the AMI it works so I am inclined to think it has something to do with the auto scaling group or the load balancer?

I’m asking here as well as with AWS support but this appears to be very much product specific as I have not had issues with configuring auto scaling for other instance configurations.


If I’m not wrong AWS auto scaling group should be used only for web server. Because when a new couchbase instance is added thru it, the nodes won’t rebalance by themselves neither do the initial setup needed ( to join a cluster) for example.