Backup folder gone after upgrade


I upgraded a windows cluster with new nodes, prior to this I created a backup and backup folder and I now i noticed that the backupfolder is gone from the old node, is this normal behavior? I certain that I haven’t deleted it since neither myself or anyone has logged on to that server after the upgrade.

Hello @fdingvall, welcome to the forums. To help us debug this further could you answer the following:

  • What path was the backup folder created?
  • How the backup was created?
  • What operating system is being used?
  • What versions of Couchbase Server is being used?

Hello and thank you,

D:\data\backup, the rest of the couchbase folders was also under /data
I was created with the tool, “cbbackupmgr backup -a D:/data/backup -r cluster -c couchbase://xxxx -u Administrator -p xxxxx” and verified after the backup
Running Win 2016 and the upgrade was from 4.6.5 to 5.5.5

It sounds like the data path of the Node was set to D:\data, if that is the case then the Data Service owns that path, depending on how the node was upgrade it will clear out that path to ensure that it has a clean environment. For backups it recommend that they are store on a different machine, if that is not possible then the back up should be config to a location outside the control of Couchbase Server.