Backup my data on a failed node and rebalance stcuk at 0%


I have a cluster with 3 server nodes (couchbase 2.2.0 comunity edition). One node failed and auto fail over process launch a rebalancing.

But the rebalancing is stucked at 0% even after many hours. And when i checked the log, I noticed this message: “Could not auto-failover node (‘ns_1@’). Cluster was too small, you need at least 2 other nodes.”.

So my questions are:

1.) Can i stop manually the rebalancing and add one or two nodes?
2.) If the first solution is fine, so what will I need to do after having added nodes in my cluster? Will the rebalancing be started and done correclty?
3.) What else can i do?


Hi @cheikh.sow

  1. you can most of the time stop it over the commandline tools
  2. You have to retry the rebalance and hope that it works
  3. reboot the failovered server and try to rebalance again
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