Big performance drop after upgrading server to 3.0



I upgraded to Couchbase 3.0 (community edition) and am experiencing a performance drop with C SDK 2.4.2. My log shows that Couchbase is processing some requests quickly, then stops to process them for about 0.5 seconds, then processes some requests, then stops to process requests, etc.

Please help. Thanks.


Which version did you upgrade from? Also, had you changed any settings with priority, one of the features in 3.0?

If you could create an issue and put some profiling from “cbstats timings” that may help the team spot something.


I have determined that the cause of the problem is in my application code. I fixed the code and now Couchbase performs well.

I am sorry about the false alarm.


No problem! Glad you could work it out. Is there something you can share for other folks or was it really application internal.


I have special keys in the database that serve the purpose of mutexes. When a mutex cannot be locked, the currently executing fiber in the application goes to a sleep and then tries again. The problem was that the time to sleep was set too high. The fix was to make the time to sleep lower. In addition, the time to sleep is randomized now.