Bitwise operations missing from analytics?

It appears to me that bitwise operations are possible in n1ql, but not in analytics queries. I would like to check that my understanding is correct or if I a missing something.

Bitwise unctions are detailed here

the following query works in the query engine

select identifier from testbucket
where BITAND(screensWords[0], 1610727424) = 1610727424

but in the analytics engine it gives the error

Compilation error: function Default.BITAND@2 is not defined

I have found this page which details important differences between the query and analytics languages, but the content mainly concerns joins, unions and the like. I wondered if there is an equivalent page detailing which functions differ between the two?

Hi @towler,
the bitwise functions and not available in the current release of the Analytics Service, but they will be available in the next major release of Couchbase Server. Also, there is a list of builtin functions available in the Analytics Service at but there is no page listing the (small) differences between the function libraries.
Hope this helps,

Thanks, it’s helpful to have confirmation and I haven’t just missed it. Am I correct to guess the next major release isn’t imminent?

Yes, your guess is correct.