Broken cluster



I had a 2.0.1 enterprise edition cluster configuration on AWS Ec2.
Secondary node of my cluster was scheduled for retirement and I had to reboot it to retrieve the instance.
Now my IP of the instance is changed after a stop and start action on AWS.
When I am trying to start the couchbase server it’s giving me error
[ns_server:error,2013-07-22T15:36:21.539,nonode@nohost:dist_manager<0.6430.0>:dist_manager:init:148]Configured address seems to be invalid. Will refuse to to start for safety reasons.

Please help to retrieve the data and cluster.



Sounds like the ipaddress of the machine has changed from the one you installed it with.
So if you did not assign it a Elastic Ip when you first installed it probably still think its the old one.


Yes, I didn’t assign the Elastic IP when I installed it. After a stop and start action the private IP of the instance changed as AWS provides DHCP IP to it’s instances. Now I am not able to start the cluster and I have to backup the data with the cluster. How to do this? Please help.


you MIGHT be able to take a copy of you data files.
/opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/data/* and move them to another machine.

CB docs sorta talks about it. but they pretty much say “Delete Everything” and start over.