Broken pipe from

What is the meaning behind the “Broken Pipe” error from couchbase today when testing my application which relies on N1QL queries it randomly popped up once. What causes such an error. I’m using couchbase 4.5 and java sdk 2.2.8.

{“msg”:“write tcp broken pipe from 10.1.XX.XX:XXXX - cause: write tcp 10.1.XX.XX:XXXX: broken pipe from 10.1.XX.XX:XXXX”,“code”:5000}

Hi @mlblount45

This issue is usually seen when the indexer process goes down or there are network issues(in case the query and indexer services are running on different nodes) . There is another internal process called the babysitter that brings it back up and so you might have not seen it again. We have opened a JIRA issue to look into this in more depth.

Could you please provide the indexer.log and the query.log logs ? Also are all three services (Query, Index and data) running on the same node ?


Thank you @isha unfortunately I no longer have the logs if this appears again i will be sure to provide them