Build View Indexes and Write Commit Failures

Hi! Recently we set up our Couchbase Servers and now a lot of people are hitting them via the Sync Gateway. Everything was smooth, but then we started getting reports of timeouts when attempting to create users in the couchbase database. When I logged into the web interface, I saw a pop-up that said:

“Write Commit Failure. Disk write failed for item in Bucket “xxx” on node x.x.x.x.”

Also, it shows a message towards the top of the screen that says:
“▼ Building view index xxx/_design/sync_gateway
Building view index xxx/_design/sync_housekeeping”
Here’s a screenshot:

Does anyone know what might be going on, or how to fix it?

Write commit failure means the data service couldn’t save mutations to disk. The most common reason would be consuming all the space on the directory selected for the data path. Other possible causes would be disk/file system corruption.

If you look in the memcached.log files for “write commit failure” you should see more details.