Cache Miss Ratio > 100% - Couchbase 3.0 on Windows


The cache miss ratio is is the ‘percentage of reads per second to this bucket from disk as opposed to RAM.’ I have a two-server cluster for test and a four-server cluster for prod. Both of them are displaying cache miss ratios of 200%+. Why would that be?? Especially when i have 100% ‘active docs resident’. I would upload a screenshot but I can’t because I’m a ‘new poster’.


Was this with version 3.0.0 or version 3.0.1? The “about” should tell you. I don’t know of a particular issue that was fixed in 3.0.1 that would have caused this behavior, but I know there were a number of issues fixed.

If it’s 3.0.1, that sounds like an issue we’d need to get filed. You can certainly post a screenshot to the issue.


It’s Version: 3.0.1 Enterprise Edition (build-1323)… (which is actually the community edition))


Started a bug ticket