Can I create a user to read-only documents but create and execute views?



I am looking for a way to achieve one of the following two things (or both) with Couchbase Server 3.0.2 Enterprise:

  1. Another department in our company needs to have access to the production couchbase clusters. They are not allowed to modify any document but they need to be able to create views and execute them as well as browse all documents. Afaik as I know I can only create admin or complete read-only users. Can this be achieved if they use the REST API or in a different way?

  2. Can I have something like a read-only node / cluster? It would be connected to XDCR unidirectionally and never send stuff through XDCR. Maybe only having a read-only node on which you may create views could be a workaround for the issue in 1)?




  1. I don’t think it can be achieved in any other way.

  2. This is actually a common solution for this problem. Having another cluster to run ‘analytics’ query is useful because it does not compete with your key/value workload. It gives more resources to your main cluster.


Alright, cool.
But for 2) it would still be possible for everyone to modify documents on that analytics cluster, right? If they at the same time should be allowed to create and execute views?


Yes. so make sure you don’t do bi-directional replication.