Can n1ql performed without an index?



We are having high cpu & ram issues with data servers since a few hours ago. I’ve dropped all the indexes from a bucket to rule out any possible issues, but I’m still seeing n1ql queries under Data Buckets -> click on bucket -> Summary tab. Is this expected?

When I try to run a query in cbq, I get an error as expected.


There are a few queries you could run in N1QL without any indexes in the system.

  • queries with USE KEYS

SELECT * FROM bucket USE KEYS […,…,…];

  • queries in system: space.

SELECT * FROM system:keyspaces;

do you have some of these in the system?


Hi cihangirb,

I think I found out what’s going on.

We have two buckets. One of them uses n1ql a lot. The bucket I’m talking about does not have an index. It looks like the Summary tab shows # of queries from the other bucket. I’m not sure if it is a good idea to display # of queries from other buckets, but it also makes a little sense as n1ql can join buckets.


Aha! That is correct.
N1QL stats isn’t sliced across buckets easily as N1QL can execute queries across buckets so N1QL query execution stats are global to the cluster.