Can not delete bucket after deletion resources used by couchbase on AWS


I’ve deleted all ec2 instances and other resources which were used by couchbase because I received a big billing for that. And now I can’t delete nodes/clusters in couchbase cloud.

I got such an error when I tried to delete my cluster

AWS continue billing me

Can somebody help with this, please?


This is Payal from Couchbase Cloud Support. I understand you are facing issues while deleting the CBC Cluster. As per the screenshots, I could see that it is in management blocked state which happens when someone tried to tear down the infrastructure in AWS account. This means our Control Plane can no longer do the actions we need to perform in your AWS account. Essentially, when we are locked out.

Could you please confirm if someone tried to do so? Also, please share the screenshot of AWS cloud formation stack status which will help us to determine the next steps in order to help you out.


Hello Payal,

Yes, I think that I tore down all the infrastructure that Couchbase cloud launched in my AWS console. Also, I found an disabled the KMS resource that charging me. But I still want to delete all the staff on the Couchbase cloud. Can you help me with its deletion in case when I tore down all or almost all the infrastructure which was lauched by Couchbase Cloud?

AWS cloud formation stack is empty



Thank you for providing the details.

I can surely help you with removing the CBC cluster and cloud from the Couchbase Cloud UI. However, since the CF stack has already been deleted in your AWS account which in-turn would hinder our control plane from performing necessary actions in your AWS account, we can not confirm that all of the infrastructure will be deleted after removing the cloud from CBC UI as we do not have access to your AWS account to delete the resources anymore.

This is the reason that we always recommend to follow our step by step guidelines in order to delete the cloud/cluster from the CBC UI which ensures clean and complete deletion of resources and helps in avoiding any such issues.

As you have already mentioned that KMS has been left behind, there could be other resources that are not VPC based that might also be left such as EBS, EKS clusters etc. Hence, I request you to please ensure to delete those resources manually to avoid any cost incurred.

Also, please DM your email ID associated with Couchbase Cloud account so that we could reach out to you in order to help further.