Can PouchDB with Ionic (web & mobile) be used with Sync Gateway?

Having difficulties setting it up and wanted to make sure that PouchDB can in fact be used with the Sync Gateway 3.x.

If so, can anyone point to any official or unofficial (up to date) example(s) either by PouchDB or Couchbase please?

My use case is similar to everyones I guess: offline first application (web and mobile, using PouchDB - due to web requirement), user data is synced (both ways) to the cloud when there is network.

Thanks in advance,

It works… Only thing though is PouchDB doesn’t use Sync Gateways Bulk_get/insets APIs. It the same ‘/_change’ but PouchDB does single documents call vs a bulk_get asking for EX 100-200 documents. You might want to look at using Community Couchbase Lite as replication is done via WebSockets vs HTTP REST calls so it faster.

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