Can Two SGW's connect to the same CB Server Cluster?

Hello all

I have a scenario where data must initially remain in house & not in the cloud. I would therefore appreciate your thoughts on topology design, I must start with local intranet only with a future option to add cloud access for mobile devices.

I understand the local setup but im struggling with mobile.

Im trying to figure out how to have cloud ‘tagged on’ later when mobile device access is needed but keeping the local setup independent of the cloud setup (so local always works if internet goes down).

Local set would probably look like this:

  • 100 Local windows PC’s running CB Mobile
  • 1 local Server running SGW - All users PC’s share mostly the same data so CB Mobile Replicator on each PC syncs 90% of data.
  • min 3 CB Server(s) in cluster with customers sensitive data.

Future cloud integration:

  • Cloud Server (DigitalOcean etc…) running SGW - Sync Function to deliver reduced set of data to mobile devices.

This is where I need some help.

Is it possible to have two SGW’s - one on Local Intranet server for local data, 2nd on cloud server for mobile device data

Can you offer any advice or alternatives ?


You can run multiple Sync Gateway nodes in different environments pointed at the same Couchbase Server cluster and bucket, however you must have identical sync functions and other configuration between these in order for them not to conflict with each other.

If you’re wanting to filter sets of data, modelling your data into separate channels and specifying channel filters on your replications may be more appropriate.