Cannot add Couchbase Server 3.0.3 to cluster



While evaluating Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition, I cannot add another server to the cluster for version 3.0.3. The error gave is:

Attention - Failed to reach erlang port mapper. Timeout connecting to “” on port “4369”. This could be due to an incorrect host/port combination or a firewall in place between the servers.

I have uninstalled (removing the data folders) and reinstalled version 3.0.3 for both nodes, but it does not help. However, I am able to form a cluster using version 3.0.1 for both the nodes.

The OS I am testing on is 2 Ubuntu VMs running in VirtualBox. More details on the spec and test environment:

OS Version: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit, Kernel 3.13.0 - 49
VirtualBox Version: 4.3.26
Firewall status: off.
2 VMs running with static IP address, with bridged networking.

Apologies if there is a similar post to this one.



Hello, I realized my mistake (typo in the IP addr… typical Monday mornings:)), its working now.


Glad this worked out. If you have further questions or comments on how we can help, please let us know.