Cannot guess what a credit equals

Everything is wonderful except for making public a clear rule for computing costs. How and when 1 credit is consumed, i.e. are there any consumption parameters per node unit, node resources (RAM, no. of cores, …), time unit, and whatever else?
Thank you very much in advance .

The very last step of the cluster creation process tells you the Couchbase Credit consumption rate in credits per hour. Once deployed, unless you change the support plan, that will be the rate at which credits are consumed.

Thank you very much,
I’ll try to create a new cluster from scratch and pay attention to that step
(unless the same information can be retrieved elsewhere).
May I ask whether that consumption rate is expected to change
upon adding a new node, or modifying the AWS type of each node (provided
such a cluster transformation is allowed within Couchbase Cloud) ?

Thank you again.