Cannot initalaize cluster with dns name

I am setting up Couchbase Cluster on Kubernetes.

First node runs cluster-init command:
couchbase-cli cluster-init --cluster <pod.dns> --cluster-username admin --cluster-password admin --services data,index,query

Cluster is initialized successfully, but node is added using its IP, not DNS name.
When adding other nodes using couchbase-cli server-add they are added using their DNS names

Hi @Ivanka_Bashmat,

Are you using the Couchbase Kubernetes Operator?

No, i am not, i gave community version

In case someone will get the same issue

You need to run node-init first, then cluster init
couchbase-cli node-initi —cluster localhost --username <cluster_user> --password <cluster-user_password> --node-init-hostname <dns_name>