Cannot read from cache bucket in clustered environment

Hi Everyone,

I’m finding that I cannot read entries from a cache bucket in a clustered environment of 3 servers using the Node.js SDK. Using a couchbase bucket on a cluster works fine, but when using a cache bucket I always get a “key does not exist” error. The same entry is retrievable in a single-server environment, and using the Java SDK in the same clustered environment.

I have tried amending my connection string to include both the couchbase protocol and a comma-separated list of hostnames, but the problem persists.

Suggestions would be much appreciated - could this be a bug?


EDIT: For info, I’m using couchbase version 4.0.0-4051 Community Edition (build-4051) on Ubuntu 14.04, and using the 2.1.3 release of the couchbase npm module on v5.1.4 of Node.js.

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That would be a question for @brett19.