Can't create replication with elasticsearch


Hi, i’m doing these steps:

In step 9 i cant create replication:
Replication to the same bucket on the same cluster is disallowed



Do you have CB and ES on the same machine?



When I look at your screenshot, you are pointing to the port 8091.

I guess you are pointing to your Couchbase cluster instead of the Elasticsearch transport plugin.

I think that if you replace 8091 by 9091 it should work.



Hi, I have both in the same server (virtualbox on my pc).
And i have the samples imported in CB.

port 9091 doesn’t work.


Tug is right you need to point to 9091.
I would suggest spinning up another VM for ES. ES is not that big of a resource hog so a small 500MB -800MB of memory VM will do. CB likes to be on its own machine.