Can't login couchbase UI

Hi All,

We just deployed couchbase cluster via kubernetes through the operator and operator-admission.
The image we use is couchbase/server:enterprise-6.0.1.
Everything works well until we expose the ui service via nginx-ingress.

The UI can be loaded correctly, but when entered the login information, it shows the message:

Login failed. Please try again.

Tried tail the /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs/debug.log to seek for help. But what I only see is a login success audit message like this:

[ns_server:debug,2019-07-17T04:19:55.841Z,ns_1@cb-cluster-prod-0000.cb-cluster-prod.default.svc:ns_audit<0.926.0>:ns_audit:handle_call:111]Audit login_success: [{roles,[<<“admin”>>]},

And having look at the browser console, it only show an 401 unauthorized when trying to access the pools.

Accessing the server by couchbase-cli is working properly but just the UI doesn’t work.
Could you please help me to debug this issue?

Many Thanks,


  • even strange, I found the UI on other deployment that is used to be able to login now cannot login with the same issue.

In short you cannot use an ingress as it doesn’t support client session affinity. Please see