CB EE Servers won't start after reboot

I am running CB EE 5.5 on 3 Ubuntu 16.04 servers I had to reboot the servers recently, two of them did not come back online. I attempted to start the server from the terminal and I got an error on both the servers.

The maximum number of open files for the couchbase user is set too low.
It must be at least 70000.

Normally this can be increased by adding the following lines to

couchbase soft nofile
couchbase hard nofile

{error_logger,{{2019,1,16},{16,35,36}},“Protocol: ~tp: the name babysitter_of_ns_1@ seems to be in use by another Erlang node”,[“inet_tcp”]}

I upgraded the node to CB EE 6.0 thinking that would resolve the issue and no luck. Right now the remaining node shows Orange in the console and the web consoles are not available for the two down servers.

Any help with this would be awesome!!!

I also tried to add another server into the cluster but the cluster won’t accept it till it resolve the other issues about fail over.

After looking at the logs from CB it was determined that the IP addresses had changed and the configuration did not like the change and failed to start the service. Once the IP addresses were changed back to the original value and rebooted, the services were back online and the DB was recovered and rebalanced.