CBA Index for array of strings

I have a table that contains an array of strings. Can that be indexed? In N1QL I can index arrays and the direct N1QL query is fast than CBA because I don’t know how to create the index. (Docs say only String, Double and BigInt are allowed).
This is my N1QL index:
CREATE INDEX tidx_charge_descriptions_dt_rc_hcpcs_tokens ON app(type,descriptionType,revenueCode,hcpcs,(distinct (array t for t in tokens end))) PARTITION BY hash(descriptionType,revCode) WHERE (type = “chargeDscrp”) WITH { “num_partition”:8 }
CBA index:
CREATE INDEX idx_charge_description_dt_rc_cpt_hcpcs on Default.chargeDescriptions (descriptionType: string, revenueCode: string, hcpcs: string, tokens ???);

Couchbase Analytics does not yet support array indexes.