CBAS with 5.0 Developer Build

Does the CBAS preview work with the 5.0 Developer builds? I ask because I’ve done a similar setup as outlined in this tutorial ( but documents don’t seem to be coming over.

I have a bucket githubarchive with 15000+ document (8430 documents with type =‘PushEvent’)

I created a bucket on CBAS with CREATE BUCKET githubAnalytics WITH {"name":"githubarchive","nodes":""};

Then I created a shadow dataset with
CREATE SHADOW DATASET pushEvents ON githubAnalytics WHEREtype= "PushEvent";

Then I connected the bucket with CONNECT BUCKET githubAnalytics WITH {"password":""};

Those all executed without error.

But when I do SELECT VALUE COUNT(*) FROM pushEvents; results are always 0, even after several hours.

Am I doing something wrong, or is CBAS and 5.0 developer builds not working yet?

It is not working yet. Development and testing is currently 4.6.1 based.

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