Cbbackup does not export document that was generated using the increment command


We have a bucket that has counts in it so we use the increment (incr) command with it.
When we run cbbackup on that bucket, we get an empty array in the export.


Hi, If I understand you correctly you’re using increment atomic command. For Couchbase Server that is SET request and saving the increment results to the key’s value. CBBackup will pick any new mutations when backing up.

To better reproduce the issue you’re having can you please open a JIRA issue and specify the steps and whole command argument to run the backup tool.



I found the problem and it was my mistake.
I didn’t run cbbackup as couchbase user.
The process didn’t fail but wrote only the design.json file with [] in it.
When I “su - couchbase” everything went fine.


Ah-huh that’s good. Let us know if you’ve any feedback on the tool. Are you using latest version 3.0.2?


@anil I’m using 3.0.1