Cbbackupmgr -- lack of features

We have a request from Application team to restore a bucket from Production to a duplicate bucket in QA from the last full production backup.
For example: Bucket A exists in both Production and QA. So, application team wants
Production bucket A data restored in to a new Bucket B.

Backups are taken using cbbackupmgr which doesn’t seem to support restore to a different BUCKET_DESTINATION
unlike cbrestore. So, we are restoring Bucket A to a bucket in a temporary couchbase cluster and using XDCR trying to populate the data to Bucket B in QA.

I wanted to bring the lack of restore features in cbbackupmgr to your attention so that couchbase engineering takes this as a high priority and add this and other features that are available in cbrestore to cbbackupmgr in upcoming v5.0.


The ability to restore to a different bucket was added in 5.0 and 5.0 was released in October 2017. Take a look at the --map-buckets flag in the restore subcommand. Also, below is a list features added to cbbackupmgr after the Couchbase 4.5 release.

Compression Support

Restore to a bucket with a different name
SSL/x.509 support
Key/Value filters for restore

Our next minor release:
Vbucket filters (backup and restore)
Ability to modify TTLs
A log collection command to improve supportability
And other potential features


This is a great feature. There are some use case that want to backup data and set the TTL=0 and there are other that want to restore documents with a TTL=0