CBL pull sync behaviour with syncgateway

Hi folks,

1)When CBL(user A) is busy fetching old seq numbered docs.With android continuous pull on.

2)Will the latest pushed docs(It will processed by Syncgateway and belongs to user A) will be part of the changes immediately?
Line 25410: [11/14 17:10:44:653] [1980] CBLite: —> Added: {s919888880032_ptx1510659644491_meta.doc #1-bda4d3a410a0f2934e78397acb1f28d5 @30} as seq 30

Please share your thoughts…@jens @hideki @adamf



Requirement: Get the latest change belongs to client in _changes.

Android CBLContinous pull is as below.

ChangeTracker{https://---:---@syncqc3.mydomain.com/ptxdata, OneShot, @3e2a4db}: Making request to POST [https://---:---@syncqc3.mydomain.com/ptxdata/_changes?feed=longpoll&heartbeat=90000&style=all_docs&since=8414336&filter=sync_gateway%2Fbychannel]

Does the descending filed will help here? Syncgateway is cable of obeying the descending ?

"descending (boolean) – Return the change results in descending sequence order (most recent change first). Default is false."


Changes are requested in order of ascending sequence number, where sequence number roughly corresponds to the order that the revisions were added to the server. So the least recently updated documents are requested first.

Due to parallelism in the replicator and the platform’s HTTP code, the order that revisions are received and added to the database may not be the same as the order in which they’re requested.

This behavior is not configurable.

tl;dr: You cannot rely on the ordering in which revisions are received.