Cblite 2.0; Join 2 different db's?


Does Query (CBL 2.0) allow the JOIN of two different db’s, or only from same db using a type property to differentiate the documents?


No, this is functionality we looked at but it was too much given our time constraints. It’s currently not scheduled right now, but @priya.rajagopal should be interested in the fact that you want it.


I guess you agree that it should be there.
Anyhow, I’m glad I asked now, after about 2-3 days trying to make it work and assuming I am doing something wrong.
ps. @priya.rajagopal 2.2? :slight_smile:


Just a heads up, she is not ignoring you but she is out of the office for a few weeks.


If we plan to separate our databases based on business, ownership or security reasons, we’d still want to join across those databases for seamless user experience. This would be a very helpful feature for us.