Changes within SDK and Docs

I am in process of upgrading my NodeJS to the latest SDK which is 3.2.x to be able to take advantage of the native support of await etc and to upgrade my Servers to 7.x since they are still on 6.6.2 .

As i tried to implement the buckets and collections and do some basic Data operations i cam across the following. When i do a getDoc like this

const result = await couch.getDoc('contacts', 'user::8D6D24A5-D669-45DC-99AC-F257BDA133A4')

The Docs call for

const result = await collection.get(key);
document = result.value;

but when i do that i get an undefined for document. I know i got a good doc as if i print result to my console i get what i expect.

  id: 'user::8D6D24A5-D669-45DC-99AC-F257BDA133A4',
  result: GetResult {
    content: {
      _id: '8D6D24A5-D669-45DC-99AC-F257BDA133A4',
      _type: 'user',
      emails: [Array],
      mailing_address: [Object],
      name: [Object],
      office365: [Object],
      office_address: [Object],
      phones: [Array],
      security: [Object],
      username: 'demoUser'
    cas: CbCas { '0': <Buffer 00 00 e5 25 7e 48 c9 16> },
    expiryTime: undefined

So my question, is this a doc issue or an issue related how 6.6.2 response vs 7.x ?

Hey @aponnath ,

The document contents are stored in a property of the result called content as opposed to value.

const result = await collection.get(key);
const document = result.content;

Cheers, Brett

Thanks, just making sure. Then your Docs are outdated or wrong for the SDK 3.2 as they reference value which does not exist