Changing warmup parameters for couchbase nodes


I want to change following warmup parameters for couchbase nodes in a cluster.


Currently both are having default value “100”

[root@CBS1 couchbase]# /opt/couchbase/bin/cbstats localhost:11210 all -b ptxdata | egrep "ep_warmup_min_items_threshold|ep_warmup_min_memory_threshold"
ep_warmup_min_items_threshold: 100
ep_warmup_min_memory_threshold: 100
[root@CBS1 couchbase]#

Im not able to locate any documentation which mentions how to change these parameters.
Request your help!


Request your help here as we are facing an issue because of the current setting.
Our current auto fail_over timeout is 60 seconds. When we restart a node in the cluster and if that node goes to pending state more than 60 seconds, the node is getting failed over. This we want to avoid by tunning ep_warmup_min_items_threshold and ep_warmup_min_memory_threshold parameters.

Please help…


Look at the documentation for cbepctl to change individual nodes’ ep-engine parameters.

Note that this will only affect the current memcached process, i.e. a restart of that node will revert to the default values.

There is way to get the warmup paramters persistant, so they can be used on the next wramup? or a way to configure directly ep-engine?