Circular Write Mode skips compaction with "No Valid SnapMarker Found"

We are using 4.5.0-2601 Enterprise Edition

We have an index that is 70% fragmented, but when the Circular Write Mode compaction executes, it skips compaction because there is “No Valid SnapMarker Found” (logs shown below). Is there any way to correct/get-around this so that the index is compacted?

From the indexer.log file

2016-09-08T14:06:25.382-04:00 [Info] CompactionDaemon: Checking fragmentation: IndexInstId: 955245833351623398 Data:36276145960, Disk:122048966656, ExtraSnapshotData:0, Fragmentation:70.27738377970392%, mode : circular
2016-09-08T14:06:25.383-04:00 [Info] CompactionDaemon: Compacting index instance:955245833351623398
2016-09-08T14:06:25.394-04:00 [Info] ForestDBSlice::Compact No Valid SnapMarker Found. Skipped Compaction.Slice Id 0, IndexInstId 955245833351623398, IndexDefnId 955245833351623398
2016-09-08T14:06:25.394-04:00 [Info] CompactionDaemon: Finished compacting index instance:955245833351623398

You are running into MB-20803 most likely. This happens if there is no more data indexed after the last compaction run. Once there is more data(at least for a duration of 30seconds), the situation should resolve itself.