Clarity on server edition licensing

I’m finding it difficult to thoroughly understand Couchbase server’s licenses. There seems to be no single place where it is unambiguous and 100% clear what applies. Past questions on these forums, as well as mentions on SO and Quora seem to imply others are/have been confused as well.

I’ve seen mention of the Apache license, but it’s unclear whether that applies to source only. The source repo also contains no LICENSE.txt file, which is a common location for FOSS repo’s.

I can find nothing describing the licensing of the Community Edition: rights granted and conditions made for commercial use and redistribution.

I’m interesting in particular in terms of use for the CE, but it looks like your documentation (not blog) could do with a page presenting this information across all editions in a crystal clear manner.

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Could you specify link to the repository?

The package contains the file:

$ rpm -qlp ./couchbase-server-enterprise-5.1.0-centos7.x86_64.rpm  | grep LICENSE.txt

Sure, it’s

I’m uncertain whether that’s the correct repo, but since I’m currently using the prebuilt CE that’s the one I need the license for.

Any update here please? I need to have some authoritative reference of license terms for the CE server.

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