Cluster create failure - chain failed

Trying a cluster create yaml, with tls and some other params from the docs, and getting failures difficult to explain:
(certs were set up according to docs with EasyRSA)

kubectl create -f couchbasecustom-cluster.yaml
Error from server (AlreadyExists): error when creating “couchbasecustom-cluster.yaml”: “tn” already exists
Error from server: error when creating “couchbasecustom-cluster.yaml”: admission webhook “couchbase-operator-admission.default.svc” denied the request: validation failure list:
chain failed to decode: asn1: structure error: tags don’t match (16 vs {class:0 tag:2 length:1 isCompound:false}) {optional:false explicit:false application:false private:false defaultValue: tag: stringType:0 timeType:0 set:false omitEmpty:false} tbsCertificate @2

cluster definition: (950 Bytes)

That doesn’t tell us enough. As it’s ASN.1 it’s complaining about, it means that your certificate chain is badly formatted. I’d need to see the secret in order to work it out for you, obviously the certificate data only, not the private key!

thanks, let me re-do the certs and see what happens.