Cluster rebalancing is Failed during cluster creation with data and query and index and eventing service

i was creating cluster using terraform script in aws. so when i was creating cluster with 24 nodes(16 data, 3 index, 3 query, 2 eventing), terraform scripts saying that rebalance is failed. when i checked cluster logs below is the error i see.

Rebalance exited with reason {service_rebalance_failed,eventing,
<<“failed to get active eventing nodes in the cluster”>>}}},
Rebalance Operation Id = a242924667b74fa0a440f1ec79f764e6

can anyone suggest how to resolve this?

Hello prasannakumar

We have seen this error message before in Couchbase Server 6.0 when a user’s environment had rate limiting on their DNS server, which during normal operations was fine but the extensive requests during a rebalance caused it to fail due to timeouts. If you’re not on Couchbase Server 6.5 or later, I would highly suggest you upgrade and take advantage of the configurable time out option that was added to prevent these types of issues: reference: .

Thank you,
Ian McCloy (Principal Product Manager, Couchbase)