Compiling couchbase server 4.0rc from source



I’m trying to compile couchbase server from source using a gentoo machine. I followed the instructions but always end up with couchbase 3.0.2 CE. Im using this command to init the local repo:

repo init -u git:// -m released/4.0.0-rc0.xml
repo sync

Do i have to any additional stuff?

thanks and cheers


Assuming you’re following the steps from that should be fine. Where are you seeing it reported as 3.0.2 CE?



Thanks for your answer. I did it not exactly like the doc suggests. And that seems to be a problem allthough i don’t understand why. I make a build directory inside the repo and did a:

cmake -G “Unix Makefiles” -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/opt/couchbase" -D CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=";/opt/couchbase" -D PRODUCT_VERSION=4.0.0r -D BUILD_ENTERPRISE= -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo …

This seems to go wrong in some way. Any hints?

thanks and cheers


Could you elaborate? What error messages do you see?


Hi Digby.

Could you elaborate? What error messages do you see?

None. Everything goes well. I just have a 3.0.2 build afterwards. Not the expected 4.0.0. When i skip the “making a build directory” part i have a 4.0.0 build. I can live with that i just don’t understand it. :smile:

thanks and cheers


What makes you think you have a 3.0.2 build? That code is definitely 4.0.0 code. Have you got an existing 3.0.2 package installed? If so I imagine you might have some conflict between the files created. I would suggest removing any previous install first and then building 4.0.0-rc with

make install

You should then end up with a 4.0.0-rc build in $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX


I did a couchbase-server -version. That gives me 3.0.2.

Have you got an existing 3.0.2 package installed?

No. I did not leave the make directory. I’ll try again and post the output.

thanks and cheers


serve build # pwd
serve build # /root/cb4/install/bin/couchbase-server -version
Couchbase Server 4.0.0-r0 (CE)
serve build #

Now i have 4.0.0-rc0. I don’t get it. We better close this thread. :slight_smile: