Complete List of Configurable Ports in Static_Config

Hello Couchbasers,

What is the complete list of “User Defined Ports”? references only 9 ports.

Looking on the web, I see: SO Couchbase Ports defining:

{capi_port, 9092}.
{query_port, 9093}.

Using the Java SDK, I see these defined by default:


Is there a complete list somewhere?


I don’t think you can change more than those outlined in the document. The ones the Java SDK has setup are the defaults which can be changed to bootstrap the app initially - it will pick up all the other ports from the server config subsequently.

The SO link above does show a working case where a port (not defined in the docs) is changed. So, it seems to be possible.

@rms1000watt if you feel like investigating the source code the list of all ports that are stored in the server config can be found at

The reason the documentation is so sparse on the matter is that using static_config as an interface for changing default ports is very brittle and mistakes can cause severe instability with your node (if it even starts up at all).

There is an improvement currently open to track adding a safer and more complete interface to change the running ports.

Thank you Matt! Great find; this is what I was looking for!