Complex Geospatial Queries



I am currently doing a trade study on which database to use for a large data mapping tool. I have read everything I can find on spatial queries and have a few questions:

I am looking to be able to quickly perform multi-dimensional queries on this large dataset with discrete and numerical values, which I know is currently supported, but would eventually like to add text search in combination with a spatial query. Will this be possible and if so with what 3rd party integrations?

Also, I will need the ability to combine geojson with ranges in the data and was wondering how this would be accomplished. For example something like a flight track with a LineString and a time range such as defined by this (I want to query by bounding box and a specific time or time range):

    "type": "flight",
    "geometry": {
          "type": "LineString",
          "coordinates": [
            [102.0, 0.0], [103.0, 1.0], [104.0, 0.0], [105.0, 1.0]
    "departTime": "2012-04-23T18:25:43.511Z",
    "arrivalTime": "2012-04-23T20:55:22.883Z"

In the youtube video it was said that polygons are simply indexed by a bounding box, is this also true for a LineString? What is the targeted release for improving this?


Hi @lineman78,

all GeoJSON geometry types, hence also LineStrings, are supported. Your emit would look like this:

emit([doc.geometry, [doc.departTime, doc.arrivalTime], null);

Currenly there’s no intgration with full-text search. You would need to do it manually. For example by using the document IDs returned by the spatial query and intersecting them with the IDs from the full-text search.