Compression with Couchbase 5.5/6.0


I have some questions related to compression with Couchbase 5.5/6.0.

Can compression be achieve without using SDK? That is, is data in the bucket “automatically” compressed when using compressionMode = active? Based on the definition for active, it seems like it could:

Active : Couchbase Server actively compresses items for storage in memory and on disk, even if the items are received in uncompressed form. Items are decompressed before being sent back to those clients that do not support the receiving of compressed data. Items are sent in compressed form to clients that do support the receiving of compressed data, even if those clients originally sent the items to the server in uncompressed form.

Is the only thing that the SDK comes into play if we want to:

  • Reduce network utilization - return data compressed for clients that support it
  • Reduce memory resource utilization

Regarding the clients that support it, based on this, it seems that the .NET SDK still does not support client-side snappy compression? Is that correct? It’s been a while (since 2.6 that snappy was not available). Any idea if that will change soon? :slight_smile:

AFIAK the .NET SDK (still) doesn’t support compression. @MikeGoldsmith or @jdillon can probably confirm, but I believe the main reason is there isn’t a single canonical .NET Snappy implementation for us to use.