Configure sync gateway to connect to CouchBase cluster

How do I configure the Sync Gateway to connect to a 2-node CouchBase cluster? What would I set for the server setting in the config.json file (example below) if I have 2 servers server1 and server2 in a cluster?



The server URL is used to retrieve the cluster metadata, Sync Gateway will utilise all the Couchbase Server instances at runtime.

The server listed in the config.json only needs to be available at Sync Gateway startup so that the metadata can be retrieved.



i have 2 nodes in couchbase cluster and a sync gateway
but when my fist node down the sync gateway dont pass the request to second node

in the documentation say that the sync gateway know the topology of couchbase cluster and when one node down Automatically pass the reques to other node but in practice dont work.

any solution for this problem ??

Eduardo Camargo