Connection pooling in Couchbase SDK (spymemcached)


We are in process of evaluating couchbase. Following are the list of questions with reference to couchbase.

  1. Does the couchbase client has internal connection pooling ocncept ? If yes, how can we tune the connection pool ? If not, can someone provide a sample code to write custom code.
  2. CouchbaseClient is thread-safe. How many concurrent thread it can serve ? What is the upper limit for no of thread accessing the client object concurrently ?
    Gaurav Shah.



The short answer is YES, you have inside the Couchbase SDK (and Spymemcached) a complete resource management framework based on non blocking I/O (Netty to be precise).

So in your application you just need to use a singleton. I am inviting you to read this blog post about Java SDK internals: