CouchBase 2.X and Rest Support


The new version of Couchbase uses a new protocol (Websocket).
Does it mean that no more support for Rest API?
when it is Rest API - I could inspect the Trrafic with DataPower.
now it seems I will not be able
Can some one clarify?


Correct. Sync Gateway still supports the REST API, however it added a Websocket API, and Couchbase Lite 2.x only uses the Websocket API.

The websocket “sub-protocol” that is being used is called BLIP, which was developed in-house to enable maximum throughput on the wire in both cloud-based and peer-to-peer scenarios.

There’s a Wireshark Dissector for BLIP that’s available, but currently you need to build it yourself. We’re hoping to get this merged into the upstream Wireshark repo at some point.